Acupuncture Services and Rates

Our personalized acupuncture treatment plans in Toronto are fitted to each individual's needs and our services provide options for your comfort.

acupuncture therapy

Individual Clinical Acupuncture
Initial $150, Followups $120

This private service is dedicated to focused attention that gives you comfort and care while including other treatments for enhanced therapeutic support.

Also May Include:

  • Cupping Therapy
  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Herbal Consultation
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Group Acupuncture Sessions
Initial $90, Followups $80
60 minutes (rate is per person)

This semi private service is perfect for friends, family or couples who want to share a room. It also offers a group rate at a reduced cost. Must be booked as a 2 person minimum.

Also May Include:

  • Nutritional Consultation
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cupping therapy

Individual Cupping Therapy
All visits $80
30 minutes

Cupping is great for loosening stiffness on the back, neck and shoulders to relieve sore muscles. It also drains the lymphatic system to expel toxins & improve circulation.

Also May Include:

  • Oil Cupping Therapy
  • Wet Cupping (Hijama) – Must purchase your cupping set
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Acupuncture Insurance Coverage

We provide direct billing to your insurance. Please check that your coverage includes acupuncture services prior to booking if you plan on using insurance.

Have questions or wondering how exactly does acupuncture work? You can find more information about our acupuncture clinic services here.

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